Sunday, November 13, 2005

Poetic reflections on the most alienated aspects of the contemporary human experience

I have no interest in most movies, I hate being manipulated. I'll entertain myself, thank you (unless the kids want to see them) but this review/article (registration required) in the Washington Post on Jem Cohen has caught my interest.

"in a film that blurs the lines between fiction and documentary, personal essay and political polemic, formal rigor and punk rock spontaneity"

I see myself working much of the same although I am probably not so much punk as I used to be back in the day ....

I'm in Hong Kong this week, then back to NY for Thanksgiving before another week in London at the end of the month.


Blogger Art Assci (Paul) said...

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Blogger Art Assci (Paul) said...

I enjoyed Terry Gilliam's movie, The Fisher King. The exploration of displacement, from fame and fortune to a bottle and the streets, from love and family to mental breakdown and the streets, the intertwining of the lives of those who now were on common ground, and exploring the support from those people that stand by you when all seems lost. And of course the Holy Grail...

I'm not surprised by the environmental homogeneity that we are beginning to experience across the world. Picking our way through it, maintaining our own integrity and getting by remains a challenge for many, if not for all.

I would like the opportunity to see this film.

London - when, where? Spare time? Want to visit the regions?

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