Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hold the presses: Fictions are in!

An article in Saturday's New York Times by Alan Riding, "Photos That Don't Capture Reality, but Change It" may have officially ushered manipulated photographs to the front of the bus.

Three quotes jump out:

"Most prefer to use color, while many work with large formats, manipulate their images digitally, dabble with collage and design complex mises-en-scènes."

"Indeed, if any common characteristic fits the contemporary photography seen here, it is a concern with form - form that takes on a different meaning when altered digitally and presented in large format."

"Still, whether large or small, documentary or manipulated, most of the works here seem to reflect a conscious effort to alter perceptions. And perhaps that suffices to define art. For those streaming through Paris Photo, the point goes without saying. As the New York dealer Deborah Bell put it, "You judge photography by the same criteria as you judge any work of art." "

Time to call Zeke down at Spectra and update the portfolio.


Blogger Ingrid said...

photos have never captured "reality" because it is different for everyone. You succeed in capturing your own version, that's it.

9:34 AM  
Blogger J. said...

Zeke? In New York?

No freakin way...

4:25 PM  

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