Saturday, November 26, 2005

Best friends?

On the Business Standard, Kishore Singh's aticle "Best Friends" examines the relationship between artist, gallerist and the commerce of art:

It’s always been a fractious relationship and one based not so much on a shared love of art as much as avarice and greed. The gallerist and the artist are two ends of a paradigm; they cannot exist without the other but that co-existence is far from cosy.

With few exceptions, gallerists are seen to feed off an artist’s talent, making money (sometimes much more money) than the artist. And since their investment iself isn’t huge to begin with (how much can space, a catalogue, an opening, cost the gallery?), that they’re feeding off the fat of an artist’s labours seems slightly

It is perhaps this that makes us consider the professional gallerist with something resembling loathing.

We often hear complaints from musical artists about the record labels and filmakers about the studios - it seems as an extension of the entertainment industry "art" follows the same control of distribution model. Of course with a much reduced universe of players, even a small time hustler, uhm I mean gallerist, can make waves.

Where can I get one of these hustlers to move my work?


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